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How much does it cost to book Skyline Drive?

There are a number of factors that affect booking rates, such as event date, location, playing time, and other variables. For this reason, it’s best to call or e-mail with specific details in order to receive an accurate price quote. Once you decide that Skyline Drive is the perfect band for your event, it only takes a 20% deposit to make it official!

How far is Skyline Drive able to travel?

There is virtually no limit to how far Skyline Drive can travel. Of course, booking rates increase as travel distance increases.

What is Skyline Drive's instrumentation?

Skyline Drive consists of two female vocalists, one male vocalist, guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboards, drums, trumpet, alto saxophone, and trombone.

Can Skyline Drive provide a smaller band, and/or other types of ensembles?

The Skyline Drive show band is a 9-piece group, which we know is a bit larger than some other groups — we pride ourselves on musical quality, authenticity, and variety, which requires multiple vocalists and horn players. We do offer different ensembles and soloists for other situations. For example, our jazz quartet is often called upon to play for cocktail hours or dinners. We can provide vocalists, pianists, or other instrumentalists for wedding ceremonies and other events.

Are sound and lighting fees included?

Sound and lighting services are almost always provided at no extra charge. Exceptionally large events may require the services of a production company.

How long has Skyline Drive been in existence?

The band has been entertaining audiences since 1996, and has played for countless wedding receptions, corporate functions, fundraisers, birthday parties, and other private events since then.

Will the band learn special request songs (first dance, father/daughter, etc.)?

Skyline Drive will learn up to three special request songs at no extra charge.

Will the music be too loud?
Skyline Drive will have its own sound engineer at your event to make sure everything sounds perfect. However, if you feel the music is too loud (or not loud enough!), you can simply let us know and we will take care of it.
Will the band take care of M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) needs?

The bandleader will gladly serve as Master of Ceremonies.

Will we be able to use the band's sound system for announcements, toasts, etc.?
Absolutely. A hand-held wireless microphone will be at your disposal when needed.
What will the band members wear?
Skyline Drive members will dress anywhere from casual to black-tie formal based on the type of event.
What about breaks?

During a four-hour event, the band will typically take two 15-minute breaks. However, you won’t notice — we try to make breaks happen during times when toasts, announcements, awards presentations, or other events are taking place. When needed, we will make sure recorded music is played in order to avoid “dead time”.

What music is usually played during dinner?

Skyline Drive typically plays a set of light instrumental jazz during a dinner and/or cocktail hour.

Why not hire a DJ instead of a band?
A live band is much more classy, exciting, personable, and fun! Plus, Skyline Drive will play any recorded music you request during breaks. It’s like having a band AND a DJ!
How can I be sure Skyline Drive is the perfect band for my event?
We know that selecting a band for your event is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can make or break your event! So, we completely understand if you need to do some more research. We have a very impressive list of past clients who have offered to serve as references for us, and we will gladly put you in touch with them upon request. Also, we believe the best way for you to confirm that Skyline Drive is the perfect band for your event is to experience a performance for yourself! Just let us know, and we will make arrangements for you to attend an upcoming live performance. More than 99% of potential clients who come to see us end up booking us within the next few days!

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